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Certified under the WCLIB
Mill certificates
HT and IPPC stamps for exports and food cargo

Need an odd or unusual pallet? No problem! We’ll custom-build any pallet to your exact specifications.

New and Used

At Action Pallet, we don’t just sell pallets, we buy them too. We pay you for your used pallets. We then refurbish and sell the pallets, saving you money!

Not only do we buy and sell pallets, we can also restore your old, broken pallets saving you the expense of buying entirely new pallets.


Here at Action Pallet, we know the importance of preserving our natural resources and that is why we recycle. We aim to do our part for a better tomorrow.


Turner Lumber . Action Pallet
PO BOX 800 // 5190 Chicago St. // Turner, OR 97392 . Office: (503) 734-4148 Fax: (503) 743-4618